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Best Storage Media: Eyefi Mobi Pro

"Making transfer of images easy from card to a variety of devices, this 32GB SDHC, class 10 card can be used to selectively transfer JPEG and RAW format stills and video wirelessly. Using an easy setup protocol, it can connect to IOS and Android devices as well as PC and Mac laptops and desktop computers. It can use direct and networked WiFi in both home and studio environments. Included in the card purchase is a free one year membership in the Eyefi Cloud with unlimited photos, which allows access to images from any device, with EXIF data, albums and tags synched. Users can access images anytime, anywhere, and share privately with immediate notification. Also included is an Eyefi USB card reader and activation card for the Eyefi Mobi app."

Award: ComputerIdee magazine

“Taking pictures and directly sharing with others. That’s very normal nowadays if you take pictures with a smartphone or tablet, but it’s more difficult if you use a normal camera. Eyefi solves this now with their range of Wifi SD cards. The cards fit to virtually any camera. The card has its own Wifi transmitter, which is used to transfer pictures from the card to a pc, smartphone or tablet. Transferring pictures with this cards works very quickly and easily." ComputerIdee magazine, the Netherlands, nr7 2015

Amazon Prime & Google Photos are Fine, but Eyefi Cloud is Going to be the Professional’s Best Bet

"Where Google Photos and Amazon Prime Photos have put various limitations on what you can do with their platforms, Eyefi seems hell bent on removing all possible barriers in their offering, begging the question… why aren’t you using them yet?"

Digifoto Pro Gold award: Eyefi Mobi Pro 32GB

"The new Eyefi Mobi Pro adds several interesting features to the ‘normal’ Eyefi cards. ‘Selective transfer’ is a great addition. Thanks to this feature you can choose yourself which pictures will be sent to your mobile device. Next to this, wireless transfer of RAW files is another key point of this Pro card."

PC Magazine Editor’s Choice: Mobi Pro

“Eyefi has been making connected memory cards for years, and its latest entry into the field, the Eyefi Mobi Pro ... is the best one yet.” — Jim Fisher, PCMag.com

Eyefi Mobi Pro is the wireless SD card for anyone serious about photos

“The new $99 Mobi Pro SD card is Eyefi's best deal yet: 32GB with a free year subscription to Eyefi Cloud.”— Raymond Wong, Mashable.com Editor's Choice Award

Eyefi Has Announced A Card That Pros Might Actually Use: Mobi Pro

"Eyefi has been on a tear in recent months with updates to their services. It seems that they have something new to talk about every three months, which tells me that things will only get better for Eyefi in the near future. For now, it’s clear the services Eyefi is pumping into their cloud platform and their physical Pro card are aimed to bring in more than the casual shooter. If you are already a fan of Eyefi, the Mobi Pro card is probably something you will be excited about."

We award EyeFi Mobi Pro four out of five stars

"We award EyeFi Mobi Pro four out of five stars for innovating and staying ahead of the camera manufacturers." Read full article

The Eyefi Mobi Pro experience is currently one of the best and most affordable options out there

"...if you need an easy to way to wirelessly send photos and videos to a computer or mobile device on the fly, the Eyefi Mobi Pro experience is currently one of the best and most affordable options out there."

The Mobi Pro is a seriously useful piece of kit

"...the Mobi Pro is a seriously useful piece of kit that should speed up the workflow of any photographer, particularly those producing a lot of studio-based work: the camera can now remain on its tripod, while images are automatically transferred to the computer. While many cameras now have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, at £66 this card represents a significant upgrade for those that aren't wireless-enabled. The ability to transfer RAW files means that the Eyefi card has finally grown up."

Eyefi Cloud Is the Best Wi-Fi Camera Experience Yet

"…this is the best user experience that Eyefi has ever offered. I recommended its cards in the past; now I do so more heartily than ever."

Eye-Fi Mobi: The Epitome of Simple Image Transfer

"Without a doubt, the Eye-Fi Mobi card is a must-have for photographers on the go who love to proof their images on their tablet as soon as they are taken. It's also a great option for those traveling… I highly recommend the Eye-Fi card and am planning to replace my regular SD cards with Eye-Fi cards!"

Eyefi Cloud - Your Photos Everywhere… Instantly.

"Ever dream of a day where you could take an unlimited number of photos with your camera, have it transfer wirelessly to all of your connected devices and then share it with your friends and family without having to be a computer scientist, digital guru or calling your 14 year old nephew to help you set it up? Rejoice, with the introduction of the Eyefi cloud, that day is finally here." Read full article

Eye-Fi Cloud backs up every photo, no matter what you use to take it

"In many ways, it smartly solves the private sharing photo problem and makes it easy to privately share a bunch of photos with someone at once. It's also the easiest way to get photos off of your camera, especially if your camera doesn't have Wi-Fi built in already." Read full article

Add Wi-Fi To A Digital Camera And Upload Unlimited Images To The Eyefi Cloud Service

"A Mobi card is also fun to shoot with on holiday; as soon as you sit down to enjoy a beer or coffee you can turn on your iPad and then connect to the Mobi card and watch your photos being transferred as you sip your drink. Then it’s really fun to edit and post your images using a package like Snapseed so you can straighten, crop and adjust your photos before applying any special effects. It’s so much nicer to be able to polish a good shot rather than having to upload an average shot directly to the internet without editing as is often the case with cameras that have built-in Wi-Fi." Read full article

Eyefi Cloud: Instant Photo Sharing Across Devices

"On the whole, Eyefi is a solid option to help connect older cameras to today's modern ecosystem, and the cloud service offers a seamless management system for busy photographers." Read full article

Don’t leave pictures stranded: Eye-Fi Mobi SD card review

"…if you're looking for a Wi-Fi card that's simple to setup and blasts images off into cyberspace in a matter of seconds while you take advantage of your camera's far superior image quality (compared to a phone), you can't go wrong with the Eye-Fi Mobi." Read full article

Back Up Photos Wirelessly with Eye-Fi’s Mobi

Eye-Fi, which lays claim to beating everyone in wireless photo transfers from cameras, introduced a new card in June. Mobi is its new entry-level card, capable of transferring photos wirelessly to mobile devices. Perhaps if mobile sharing were easier, eliminating the PC from the equation, you might actually use your dedicated SLR, mirrorless or point-and-shoot. Read full article

Eye-Fi’s Mobi SD card sends images straight to a phone or tablet

When Eye-Fi first launched its wireless SD cards back in 2006, most of us weren't carrying smartphones, much less tablets. At the time, the idea was to send your photos straight from your camera to your PC, where you could run slideshows or upload them to the cloud (if you were already into that sort of thing). Lately, though, Eye-Fi has been forced to rethink its product: the company just announced the Mobi, a $50 Class 10 card that sends images directly to your mobile device, bypassing the computer altogether. Read full article

Eye-Fi Launches New, More Affordable Mobi Memory Card

This ability to send photos to smartphones is nothing new: Eye-Fi added that functionality back in 2011. But with Mobi, the whole process to transfer photos is more streamlined. The card pairs with an iOS or Android app through a unique 10-digit code, and photos are then shared in real time. Read full article

Eye-Fi Mobi Simplifies Mobile Sharing

Eye-Fi has recently released its latest wireless SD card, the Eye-Fi Mobi. This new card has been specifically designed to make it easier for us to take pictures, get them from our cameras onto our Android or iOS smartphones or tablets. This easy, wireless process allows us to capture those moments that matter the most without skipping a beat. Read full article

Eye-Fi Mobi SD Card Preens Itself in Digital Imaging Space

Eye-Fi sprouted a new branch on its family tree...the Mobi, the next generation wireless memory card...gets photographers from point A to point B in a snap....great news for photographers who might be worried about backing up photos. Read full article

Eye-Fi Mobi Appeals to Amateurs With Simplified Memory Card

[W]ith the advent of always-connected phones and tablets, it's less important to be able to connect a camera itself to the cloud; all that casual photographers really need is the ability to get photos onto the mobile device...Eye-Fi's answer is the new Mobi, a cheaper version that seeks to leverage your phone or tablet instead of competing against it. Read full article

Eye-Fi Mobi: Better Wireless Photo Transfer

Eye-Fi’s new Mobi wireless SD card promises to make the business of wirelessly transferring photos faster, easier, and cheaper…The Mobi works through a free Eye-Fi app for iOS, Android, or Kindle fire. Enter the card’s unique ten-digit code to pair the card with one or more devices, and then you can transfer high-resolution photos and videos.

Eye-Fi Mobi allows photographers to wirelessly send images to iOS and Android

Eye-Fi’s CEO Matt DiMaria said: “Unfortunately, smartphones fall short for life’s many moments that require zooming, high-speed shooting, low light and other features that make digital cameras superior. Mobi is our simplest card yet, designed to provide photo lovers a no-compromises solution: the great quality pictures and videos of a digital camera and instant access on the smartphone to enjoy and share.” Read full article

Wireless memory card maker Eye-Fi has just launched a new SD card for photography enthusiasts that l

While Eye-Fi has long offered camera-to-mobile functionality with its $100 16GB Pro X2 card, the Class-10 Mobi is clearly aimed at the more casual photographer, with its simple set-up and cheaper price tag – $50/8GB and $80/16GB. Read full article

Eye-Fi Mobi: Easy to use. Quick transfers.

There's an elegant simplicity in the Mobi. It just works. We liked its ease of use enough to award it our Editors' Choice award; it makes it truly simple to transfer photos from your digital camera to your phone. Read full article

All-TIME 100 Gadgets

If there's one thing you wish your digital camera could do, what would it be? Oh, I know. How about the ability to automatically upload photos without having to connect your camera to your computer or removing the memory card? Read full article

Things to Do This Month

Taking great photos is easy; transferring them can be a drag. Enter the Eye-Fi, a memory card with built-in Wi-Fi antenna. It sends photos cordlessly from camera to computer, or even to a smartphone via a free app.

Best Buys for Dads & Grads

Does dad juggle a digital camera and a smartphone at every soccer game and birthday party?...Help the man out by giving him this wireless/memory card. The Eye-Fi not only stores 8GB of photos, it also connects the camera wirelessly (but securely) to his smartphone so he can get the photos off the good camera and share them quickly via his phone.

Small Wonders

Pros: Easy to set up, super convenient. Cons: None really…[T]he Eye-Fi…now ranks as a must-buy. I’ve been using the Eye-Fi Pro X2…and I couldn’t be more impressed. Read full article

Sharing Photos Wirelessly, From Nearly Any Camera

The Mobile X2 card turns any camera, from a cheap point-and-shoot to an expensive digital S.L.R., into a wireless camera. Read full article

CE Week 2011: 10 game-changing gadgets of the year

With the Eye-Fi, users don’t have to bother with moving a thing, and only have to worry about capturing the best shot. Read full article

Father’s Day Gifts: Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card

I couldn’t believe how a) ridiculously easy it was to get going and b) how freaking fast the camera sent the photo to my computer. Read full article

Father’s Day gifts your dad will love

The Eye-Fi cards can also connect with iOS devices, so after you shoot photos, they will load immediately onto an iPhone or iPad where they’ll be ready for sharing. Be prepared to see a lot more family photos on your dad’s Facebook page. Read full article

Eye-Fi Mobile X2 SD Card: Screw a Computer, Send Those Photos Straight to Your Mobile Devices

Stupid easy setup…Bonus: The Eye-Fi app also beams photos from your phone’s camera to your computer for you, sans wires. Read full article

Transmit Image Files

Eye-Fi recently created a tool that not only solves one of my problems, but gives any nature photographer a pretty cool option for transferring and processing images in the field.

Cut Those Cords: The best solution for tangled cables is to avoid ’em altogether—with this wire-free

We prefer the Mobile X2, Eye-Fi’s latest 8-gigabyte card, which also enables instant sharing with a smartphone or tablet. Snap, Tweet, repeat! Read full article

Eye-fi with my little eye

The …Mobile X2 … is every shutterbug’s Jetsons-esque dream. It works with over 2000 kinds of cameras, and now you can not just send photos wirelessly to your computer once you’ve installed the simple software, you can do it to your tablet or your smartphone too. Read full article

Get an 8GB Eye-Fi ProX2 SDHC card for $49.99

[Y]ou absolutely positively cannot beat the convenience of an Eye-Fi card. Read full article

Christmas Gifts Under $50

For that friend who waits six months to upload vacation photos: Just switch on the camera and this memory card automatically syncs to Wi-Fi and sends new photos to the computer. Read full article

Product Review: Eye-Fi Mobile X2 8 GB Wireless Memory Card

The Eye-Fi card continues to prove it’s a great product. Read full article

Testing the Goods: Eye-Fi Direct Mode Gives Your DSLR a Ubiquitous Internet Connection

I don’t want to ever use a non-connected Wi-Fi card: My DSLR has never felt so versatile, and my smartphone has never felt so powerful. Read full article

Say ‘Cheese,’ Pose and Share

If you’re looking to up the quality of your photos and still want the fast and simple shoot-and-Tweet capability of your smartphone, all you need is the Eye-Fi Mobile X2 and the free Eye-Fi app for your iPhone or Android device. Read full article

5 Go-To Accessories for the Stylish, Hip Commuter

Life’s too short to deal with cords and card readers, especially when you’re on a train. Instead, Eye-Fi’s wireless memory cards download and organize photos automatically. Read full article

It’s the Little Things: 24 Perfect Stocking Stuffers

For that tech newbie who can’t keep all the cords straight, the Eye-Fi memory card allows you to send photos or videos from your digital camera to your computer wirelessly. Read full article

Gear of the Year 2011

Whether you’re vacationing on Cyprus or volcano-lunging in South America, the Eye-Fi Mobile X2 makes friends, family, and random Twitter followers jealous by instantly uploading your shots.

Family Photos Go Digital

Imagine you’re at the park or at a birthday party and you come home and put your camera down and it magically puts all the pictures onto your computer without you having to pull out a wire or think about it. Read full article

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